Book Review: The Bookshop Back Home


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March Lovin’


Based on the title, it might seem that this post has been long overdue but the thing is, I recently realized that March has always been an important month for me and my works. For the past three Marches, I have published three stories as well. I know it’s just coincidence but for me, March would always be special.

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Manila International Book Fair 2014


Unlike the previous year, I’m really not that prepared for this year’s Manila International Book Fair. I’m not as giddy as last year as well. I don’t know if it’s because I’m working already this year because last year, I was still a college student so there’s not much stress if compared to today. Anyhow, I really have no plans of going to the book fair already since there was a typhoon and all but the free book from the Pop Fiction team was really really really nice so when I found out that the sun was shining again yesterday, I went straight to SMX.

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