March Lovin’


Based on the title, it might seem that this post has been long overdue but the thing is, I recently realized that March has always been an important month for me and my works. For the past three Marches, I have published three stories as well. I know it’s just coincidence but for me, March would always be special.

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On Career Choices


In the past few weeks, I can’t help but think of what should I really be doing in my life right now. I am currently employed in an office in Ortigas and at the same time, I am writing stories, editing my manuscript and working as an ambassador of Wattpad. Amidst all these things that I have on my plate right now, sometimes, I stop and wonder if these are the things that I wanted to do.

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Travel Blog


Lately, I’ve been thinking of adding another category here in my blog. Yeah, I know I barely post here but it’s just that I’ve been travelling a lot for the past few months and I wanted to share it to you guys.

Being a tourism graduate and all, posting about the places I’ve been is a little bit closer to home. It was something that I did for more than four years when I was in college so why not give it a try now as well right?

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So I guess I’m having a quarter-life crisis. I don’t know why but at this point in my life, I’ve been having doubts on what should I be doing with my life. I don’t know which career path should I be taking and I’m really not sure if I’ll ever find it.

I mean yes, I’m working full time right now but I know for a fact that this is not the job that I want to do for the rest of my life. I wanted to do something that I would be having fun and would make me grow more as a person. Right now, I don’t think I found it yet.

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