Casa Amara

Every summer, swimming is one of the top things that we often look forward to. May it be done with your family, officemates or friends, swimming is really an enjoyable activity that makes us bond even more.

This year, our department decided to go and visit Casa Amara in San Juan, Batangas. We have read good reviews regarding this place and so we decided to go and check it out.


Based from its Facebook page, Casa Amara is neither a resort nor a hotel. It a beach house and a private home of the owners, Klaus and Gemma Kolb. True to their words, Casa Amara gave us a very homey feel. The decorations in the house and the way the rooms are fixed didn’t feel like a resort or a hotel. The staff are very welcoming and we got to meet the owners as well. They treated us really nicely and they talk to us as if we were guests in their own home.






The ride going to Casa Amara is quite long and a little bit scary since the road is narrow and is surrounded by trees and plants. There is very minimal lighting and directional signages as well. But the moment we arrived at the area, all of our worries were stripped away. The view simply took our breaths away.


We booked 4 rooms in the Main House (4 pax per room for a total of P24,000 per night) and 1 Family Room (6 pax in the room for P10,000 per night). All of the rooms have sea view though some rooms have better view than the others. What I didn’t like about the rooms though is the fact that the AC isn’t cool enough. Maybe it was really hot when we were there that’s why it was like that. But nonetheless, the beds were comfy and the rooms are quite spacious.

We also availed of the buffet food (P1,400 per person per day) though they offer plated food (P1,000 per person per day) as well. Some of the food that they offered were quite new to our taste but it was okay. It wasn’t that remarkable but it wasn’t that bad either. But I have to say that I really liked the taste of their turon since it’s not that sweet and their coffee since it was really good for me.


Casa Amara also has a beach front that required us to trek for around 10 minutes. The road was quite steep so we had to walk carefully or else, we might roll all the way down. Upon reaching the beach, we were amazed to see the clear water. Since it’s like a private beach, we got the place all to ourselves.


Well, walking all the way down to the beach isn’t that difficult. Walking all the way up to the house again is the hard part. By the time we reached the top, we were all out of breath and perspiring like crazy. Because of this, we might all be needing a good exercise to be more fit. (Haha.)

Anyhow, by the time it got dark, we got the pool to ourselves. We cooked some bacon, hotdogs and beef while we drank and chatted like there’s no tomorrow. Since there was no cellphone signal in the area (except for the dining area), we all placed our phones down and really bonded well. Visiting Casa Amara felt like a retreat. It gave us a reason to stop and talk and listen. It stopped us from being online every single time. So for that weekend, we were strip free from all social media sites and it allowed us to focus on the present.


If given a chance, I would like to go back to Casa Amara and explore the area more. Since we got there a little later than expected, we didn’t really had a chance to roam around the area and explore the beauty that the place has got to offer.

For now, I will be keeping the memories that we have made in my heart.


Brgy. Imelda, San Juan, Batangas

(02) 369 5208, +639275797772
Facebook: Casa Amara


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