Book Review: Promdi Heart



34725598Promdi Heart 
by C.P. Santi, Ines Bautista-Yao, Chris Mariano, Jay E. Tria, Georgette Gonzales and Agay Llanera

Published: March 29, 2017

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Take a quick tour of the Philippines with six hometown love stories.

Visit Jimenez, Misamis Occidental where a priest might just set you up with a man whose dimples are to die for.

Visit Silay, Negros Occidental and get on a horse alongside hunky, hazel-eyed Negrense royalty.

Visit Kalibo, Aklan and find yourself in the arms of a cute drummer boy who just happens to be your kuya’s BFF.

Visit Hagonoy, Bulacan and spend All Saint’s Day next to a distracting boy who promises to write you a song.

Visit Vigan, Ilocos Norte and meet the hot man you used to bully when he was a shy, scrawny boy.

Visit Pundaquit, Zambales and find love in a bronzed fisherman whose eyes hold depths you’ll want to explore.

I got a free copy of the book in exchange for a review.

When I saw the list of authors for this anthology, I knew I had to read it as soon as possible. I have been reading a bunch of #romanceclass books for the past few months (or year) and these authors have written really good books. Without even starting the book, I had the feeling that Promdi Heart will be as good as their previous works.

So now, let me share with you what I felt while reading the different stories from Promdi Heart.

Only the Beginning by C.P. Santi

Dimples. How can someone be so cute and be blessed with not just one but two dimples? Seriously. This should even be illegal! Anyhow, I loved the fact that Martin was more than just dimples. That he’s not just about the looks. He had something more to offer and he sure knows how to spoil a girl. I want to applaud him for all of his efforts (though he should really have cleared out his actions towards Andi because it’s really difficult to assume).

I kind of get where Andi is coming from. What she’s been through is really difficult but somehow, I hated the fact that she judged people easily. But at the end of the day, I was glad that they got to clear everything up.

Oh, can I just say that the messages of Martin and Andi are so adorable? I was reading the book while I was in the office (Please don’t tell my boss. Lol.) and I had to fight down my smile because people might think I’m crazy. Haha.

Letters About A Boy By Ines Bautista-Yao

I was kind of surprised to see that this story was written in a different manner. The title was already a giveaway but I didn’t realize that it will really be written through letters. So boo-hoo. I’m such a loser. Huhu.

Anyhow, while reading the letters of Tin-Tin, I felt like it was really more of a one-sided love (or maybe crush). It was shown that Martin was treating Tin-Tin more of a friend or a sister instead of a love interest. I was already expecting to encounter a heartbreak by the end of the story so I was really surprised to know that Nicolas felt that way.

I have to admit though that I kind of hated the fact that Tin-Tin never got to let go of Martin. I mean, it has been so long! I heard some people saying that crushes have an expiration date or something but reallyyyyyy. Why can’t Tin-Tin move on from Nicolas? Sure, they got to have that happy ending but why Tin-Tin? Whyyyyy?

PS. I didn’t expect a letter from Nicolas! Omg!!! But I still hate him! Lol.

Drummer Boy By Chris Mariano

Aaaah. Here comes the sister who fell for her brother’s best friend. As I have been writing a similar story, I knew how it feels to be in the shoes of the three characters. It was frustrating and it’s kind of scary thinking that one will be left behind. So yes, I get Dex. I know why he’s acting like that and seriously, third wheel rules!*pats Dex’s shoulder*

I liked the fact that the festival became a vital part of the love story of Reina and Ben. I haven’t seen Ati-atihan live but I liked the fact that the story gave me a glimpse of the festival. And OMG. That part when Reina chose to play the drums for Ben and that “Give me the drum, Reina.” part! Asdfghjkl!!! Shemay. My feels! *throws everything out the window* Hahaha.

One Certain Day By Jay E. Tria 

Oh, Son. Who knew that you have a very awesome name? Haciendero feels. Haha. Anyhow, I have known Son from the Playlist Series (two thumbs up for that, btw) and I didn’t know that he has this side.

It’s kind of unusual that the story happened during All Saint’s Day but I liked the fact that the event was used in a very good way. All Saint’s Day became a thing for Son and Alice and while reading the story, it kind of made me look forward to the next one as well. I was kind of hoping that this thing would flourish but towards the end of the story, it made me realize that sometimes, some people are better off as friends. (Aww.)

Once Upon A Bully By Georgette S. Gonzales

Can I just say that Bridgette and Miguel are so cute as a couple? The bully and the bullied. I liked the fact that after all those years (and awkward moments), they finally reconciled and became more than friends. And my god! That “Hala. You’re not soft anymore.” line by Bridgette with matching kurot on the side! Pa-simple ka girl! Haha.

Anyhow, this story made me want to visit Vigan for reals. I have been to Ilocos before but I haven’t visited Vigan yet. (Yeah. I’m a loser, I know.)

Back to the Stars By Agay Llanera

So, how do I put my thoughts into words for this one? Honestly, this story made me love and hate the characters (especially Leah and Corinne). I really liked the friendship that Wency and Botbot has. I also liked the fact that Leah had a change of heart in the end and chose Wency over Jed. Buying something for a girl through connections isn’t really my thing. Put some more effort will you?


All in all, Promdi Heart is a must read! Reading six different stories is like a rollercoaster ride for me and my heart. Beware though. IT HAS TOO MUCH FEELS! 


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