Sun, Sea and Sand: A Rundown of My Visit in Puerto Galera


I visited Puerto Galera way back in 2014. It was my first time to go there and I was with my officemates that time. Honestly, I kind of expected that the place will be crowded and dirty. It was what I’ve been hearing from other tourists before but honestly, the place was far from my expectations.

Puerto Galera is found in Oriental Mindoro. From Manila, one can ride a bus going to Batangas Pier. From Batangas Pier, ride a ferry going to Puerto Galera. Since it was my first time to ride a ferry which was not enclosed, I was kind of scared at first. The ferry was not yet even moving but I felt like I was getting dizzy by the moment. So when we started our journey to the island proper (which was late afternoon already so imagine all of those waves), I had to do what I do best – sleep.


Picture taken when we were on our way to Puerto Galera.

We reached Puerto Galera in the late afternoon and it’s almost time for dinner. We just checked in our rooms and changed into more comfortable clothes then we decided to eat. After which, we roamed around the island (yes, there a lot of bars if you are into that) and since I really don’t drink alcohol, me and my other officemates decided to just swim.

What fascinated me the most are the fire dancers in the area. I mean, it takes a lot of courage and practice to be able to do that without actually burning yourself, right? So when we saw a bunch of fire dancers, we just had to take a picture.


Fire dancers in the island.

After swimming, we decided to sleep and prepare for next day’s activities. Since we arrived late, we opted to leave the island at a much later time as well. We did some activities like island hopping and snorkeling.

Friendly Tip: Apply sun block with a much higher SPF since you will be exposed under the sun for a very long time. Wearing rash guard will also help a lot.

It was my first time to snorkel so I was kind of afraid in the beginning. I would sometimes stay in the boat and try to relax myself and after a couple of minutes, I would go back into the waters and see how the fishes eat the bread that we brought for them. Sometimes, it feels like the fishes are all coming to get you (I mean the bread) but in reality, they are still a few meters away from you. Honestly, it’s really amazing and satisfying to witness something like that. I’m really glad that I tried this one out.


Me and Glaiza on our snorkeling gear. Yes, we look weird. Lol.

Friendly Tip: It is highly recommended for one to wear aqua shoes during the island hopping to avoid losing your slippers. It’s very comfortable though there are times that you could still feel the rocks under your feet.


During our island hopping, we passed by this cave which was really nice. We got the place to ourselves and we really enjoyed a lot. Too bad that we were already running out of time so we had to skip some areas. But based from what I have seen, the islands were really nice. The water was still clear and the area was still not that developed if compared to the main island of Puerto Galera.

Friendly Tip: If you’re travelling with a group and you want to be included in the pictures (like all the time), ask one of the guides/boatmen to take your pictures. I entrusted my DSLR all throughout our activity to our boatman and he took really great shots.

All in all, I have to say that my trip to Puerto Galera was really good. It was short and I had missed a lot of activities but I enjoyed it a lot. Maybe in the future, I would go back there and stay for a bit longer.


Author’s Note:

It’s actually my first time to write something like this so I’m not sure if it’s actually helpful or not. Lmao. Anyhow, I just wanted to share my experiences. 🙂


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