2015 Recap


Soooo, 2015 is coming to an end. Before we bid the year goodbye, let me have a recap for my best moments for 2015. Let’s all have a trip down memory lane shall we?



Invitation to be a Wattpad Filipino Ambassador. So, I was invited to become a Wattpad Filipino Ambassador! It was really an honor to become one. I’ve been a member of Wattpad for six years now and I thought it’s about time to give back to the site that gave me a lot of opportunities. So there. I’m an amb now. Yay!



Official Wattpad Filipino Ambassador. So after a month of being under probation, I became an official Wattpad Filipino Ambassador by the month of February. At first, I thought that being an ambassador was easy. But heck, I got that wrong. We needed to prepare reports every week and we also have to prepare for the meetups. It wasn’t as easy as I thought (or as everyone thinks). Ambassadors have a lot of duties and responsibilities but in the end, I could say that I have learned a lot through the reports that we’ve been doing. I also got the chance to be more updated about the Wattpad Filipino community.



Art in Insland. We went to visit this awesome place in Cubao, Quezon City. I’m usually not into museums and anything artsy but this one is definitely an exception. The whole place is painted with different things and places like the forest or the ocean and visitors will need to pose to get the needed feel for the scene. Our visit was so fun and tiring as well. We spent 3 hours taking pictures but it was all worth it.


#MIMEH. My book got published! Yay! After the very long wait, my baby was seen by the whole world! Haha. I was nervous at first but the reaction of the people when this was revealed was really touching. I had to calm myself down for almost an hour because I really can’t believe it! Haha. I mean, FINALLY! ♥♥♥



Wattpad Summer Meetup. This is my first summer meetup both as a Wattpad member and a Wattpad Filipino Ambassador. It was soooo fun! I mean, yes, we had to prepare for this and I had to do amb duties the whole morning but it was really worth it. Seeing the Wattpad readers and writers interact, learn from the invited speakers and enjoy in the games was really something that I won’t forget. All of the haggardness was worth it and the amb dinner at Buffet 101 was enough payment already. Haha.



Subic 2015. Hooray for summer outing! I mean, who doesn’t love the beach?! For this year, our department opted to go to Subic for our yearly summer outing. I didn’t really swim that much since I can’t stay too long under the sun but overall, the trip was really fun.


Late Summer Lagab-Love Meet-Up. This is the first time that I joined in a meet-up that I’m a part of the organizers. We were really scared that no one will come but hooray! The event was a success! We really had fun even if it was tiring and so hot during that day. It was my first time to meet some of the authors of Pop Fiction and Sizzle and really, it’s always good to meet new people. Oh, thanks to Pop Fiction for the freebies by the way. Teehee.



Lunch with Wattpad Filipino Ambassadors. So we had a lunch with Kristel and another guy from Wattpad (whose name I forgot). The lunch was really yummy and we got the chance to know more about the Marketing strategies of Wattpad. The partnerships with the different companies here in the Philippines was really cool. (And I got the chance to experience it due to the Wattys. Teehee.)


Caliraya 2015. The Unofficial #PopFicRoadTripIt was my first out of town trip with some of the Pop Fiction authors and illustrators and I have one word to define this trip. BITIN! I mean, I really want more! Huhu. The trip was really fun and we really get to bond and cheer for each other. We had a hard time in finding 10 people but hooray! We made it! Haha. Part 2 please?


Secret Thingy. I’m still not allowed to post any details for this one but OMG. I didn’t expect to be a part of this. This is a first for me when it comes to writing and I really learned a lot from it. It was challenging and fun at the same time.



Dinner with Kustura Alumni. After graduating for more more than a year, I finally had a chance to meet with some of the alumni of the very first college organization that I’m in. We discussed about a lot of things and I can’t help but miss my college days. They were my ates during college and they really made my org life fun and awesome. I’m really looking forward to more dinners with these people. ♥



Candy Fair. This is my first time to attend the Candy Fair, all thanks to the complimentary tickets from Pop Fiction. I didn’t know what to expect in this event but I had fun being with my co-Summit authors. We really talked about a lot of things and our bonding is really the highlight of the day. Hihi.


MIBF 2015. The MIBF for this year is really special for me. First, it’s my first MIBF as a Wattpad Filipino Ambassador. So we had to prepare for the Annual Wattpad Panel and MIBF Meetup. As usual, I’m one of the photographers for the event. I wasn’t able to really enjoy the meetup though because I’m in MY FIRST EVER BOOK SIGNING EVENT! I mean, how cool is that?! My first ever book signing event happened during the Manila International Book Fair which is like the biggest book event in the Philippines. I was really nervous for the book signing but in the end, it was overwhelming and it was hard to remove the smile from my face. This one is really worth remembering. ♥


Tagaytay 2015. So me and my officemates had an impulse move to buy tickets for Sky Ranch not knowing when to go and where to stay. By the last week of the validity of the voucher that we bought, that’s the time that we have fixed everything. It’s my first trip with some of the people in the office that are not in the same department as I am and it’s really a good experience for me. We visited Sky Ranch at night and the lights are really nice to look at. Our trip was really short since it’s just overnight but I really had fun. I just wish that we could really travel for a longer time though.



Alternative Classroom Learning Experience. So this is a first for me. I’ve been long aware of the Alternative Classroom Learning Experience of the University of the Philippines being an alumna and all but it’s my first time to be invited as a speaker. Before, I was one of those people who were busy organizing and looking for speakers and now, I can’t believe that I will be the one who’s speaking in front of many people. I know for a fact that I suck at public speaking. Like really. I tend to mumble words and my voice gets shaky when I speak in front of many people. There are times wherein I forget what I need to say as well but oh my god. For the first time in forever, I survived this one! I delivered but what I had to say smoothly and I didn’t forget anything. Huhu. I just wish that the audience learned something from me though. Haha.



23rd Birthday. This, by far, is the longest birthday that I had. I celebrated for three days in a row. So yes, I had to eat and eat and eat. Haha. A big thank you to my friends and officemates! I won’t really forget the birthday celebrations that I had for this year. ♥



Davao 2015. This is my first time to go to Davao, all thanks to Team Wattpaders Davao! They organized a Wattpad Meetup in Davao and I was one of the lucky few who got the chance to be a part of it. The experience was overwhelming. I didn’t think that there would be people who would recognize me, let alone have copies of my books for me to sign. I was really touched by the fact that I have readers in Davao. Huhu. After the meetup, we went to Samal Island. Most of the time, I was just eating or sleeping but the scenery and the conversations that we had was worth remembering. I was laughing so hard because of the people that were with me and the admins of Team Wattpaders Davao were really fun to be with. So thank you. After visiting Samal Island, we roamed around Davao City. We visited the Night Market in Roxas, Davao City Hall, Museo Dabawenyo and D’Bone Museum. Like I’ve said, I’m really not a fan of museums but visiting two museums in Davao made me learn a lot of things. This trip will always be one of the highlights of my year. ♥

So that’s it. There are still a lot of things that happened to me this year like photoshoots, random meetups with friends and readers, Christmas parties and other whatnots but I can’t post them all here. I’m really thankful for this year. I have received and experienced a lot of things that I will be forever thankful for. A big shout out to Wattpad, Pop Fiction and my SFS family!

Here’s to be bigger and brighter 2016! Cheers!



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