Achievement Unlocked: Be a Speaker for an Event


Last October 15, I was invited to be a speaker for the Alternative Classroom Learning Experience of UP Educators’ Circle. (Boohoo. This post is late, again.) At first, I didn’t know why on earth would they invite me to be a speaker. But after telling me that the topic would be regarding writing and my experiences in Wattpad and in publishing, I eventually agreed. A day before the event, I found out  that it was actually Ate Peach who referred us to EdCirc since she was the president of the org before.


Event poster of the ACLE: Crispin? Basilio? Where na you? Dito na me.

During the event proper, Kim (ilurvbooks) and I were really surprised to know that the other speakers even prepared powerpoint presentations. All we ever prepared was our stories on how we started writing and how we got published. Our “presentation” wasn’t even that informative if compared to the other speakers of the event but when we started talking, it’s as if no amount of slides could really suffice the things that we wanted to share.

Wattpad and Creative Corner has been the two venues where I got the chance to share my stories. Talking about my experiences with the two websites and how I started was very nostalgic for me. It’s as if I was reliving the days when I was just a newbie and my writing “skills” were really disgusting. But as I spoke, I realized how much I have grown throughout the years. I’ve been writing stories since 2009 and it’s been 6 years already. A lot has changed and a lot of opportunities have come my way. I’ll be forever thankful to Creative Corner and Wattpad for being my training ground for writing.


Me (right) and ilurvbooks (left) after the event.

After the event, I’m still not quite sure if the attendees learned something from me (but I do hope that they did) but I have to say that I had fun in this event. Yes, it was nerve wracking and it’s really a first for me but I learned a lot as well. I’m also happy to know that there are people who are supportive of online writers and their works. I know I still have a lot to learn when it comes to writing but practice makes perfect right? I know that someday, I will improve my craft and I could publish something that I could really be proud of.


Group picture with UP Educators’ Circle

Thank you again to the UP Educators’ Circle for giving me the chance to speak on their event. It’s something that I would definitely proud of to be my first. I have crosses something out from my bucket list and I’m looking forward for more. Yay!

Also, thanks to this event because I got the chance to meet with my orgmates when I was in college. We had dinner at Chocolate Kiss and it’s really good to be back. 🙂


After dinner picture with Alyanna and Karl


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