Throwback Post: #PopFicAcademy


Since it’s a Thursday today, let me give you a throwback post. Let us talk about the Pop Fiction Academy that happened last August 2 at the Pop Fic HQ. Honestly speaking, I just want to do a photo dump. Hahaha. So here it goes! 🙂

Here’s a photo with Kim (ilurvbooks), Ciara (seeyara) and Ariesa (beeyotch) right before the class starts:


It’s the favorite time of the day! Recess time! I don’t know why but I love this part of the day even when I was still studying. Hahaha.


Here’s a picture of Rayne (pilosopotasya). Yeah, she could be shy at times. Lmao.


Last but not the least, here’s Hanj (hanjhanjbeybe)! Hi Hanj! Hahahaha.


All in all, we had a fun day and we learned a lot of things during the class. I’m really looking forward to the next session of the Pop Fiction Academy. Yay!


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