Book Review: It’s Just Love


perf4.720x7.480.inddIt’s Just Love by Jessica Larsen

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Published: June 15, 2014

Goodreads: Goodreads

In order to prove that nothing has changed, Serene suddenly declares to her old friends and classmates at their ten-year high school reunion that she would have sex with the next guy who steps inside the gate where the reunion is held, but luck isn’t on her side when the next man is none other than Zane Dario, a troublesome bad boy and her high school nemesis.

I was emailed by the author asking for an honest review in exchange for a free copy. Since I’m on a mission of reviewing books that are written by Filipino authors and posting them here in my blog, I agreed. It took me some time before reading the book since my to read list is quite long but after reading two #romanceclass novellas, I decided to give this story a try.

Honestly speaking, I had some doubts on reading this story. I tried reading the first few paragraphs and I actually thought that it might be going nowhere. I don’t know if it’s really the writing style of the author or the content of the first chapters that made me stop reading for quite sometime. I wasn’t sure if I should continue reading the story but after thinking things through, I decided that it would be unfair for the author if I would be giving a review when I haven’t even finished reading the story so I continued reading it.

Basically, it’s about twins switching places to test some guys if they could differentiate one from the other. The twins are quite popular in school and one fell in love with the nerdy guy while the other fell in love with the bad boy. Eventually, the one who fell in love with the bad boy got her heart broken. They meet again at their high school reunion then they did the deed and she gets her heart broken almost immediately. She decides to run away with her “secret”┬ábut after some time, they will meet again. Yes, everyone gets their happy ever after.

Truth be told, the story is okay. Nothing spectacular but not that bad. I guess it really boils down on the writing style and the way the scenes are arranged or narrated that’s why it’s kind of difficult to continue reading. It doesn’t give you that “Oh my god. What’s going to happen next?” type of feeling. I really can’t point it out but I guess there’s something missing in this story to make you really read on and on and on.


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