If I Stay



I read this book way back in 2013. I think I saw one of my friends in Facebook reading this book then I got curious so I got an ebook copy of the series. At first, I wasn’t really sure if I’m going to like the book. I’m really not into this type of story but then I just found myself reading and reading and eventually, crying. Then I read Where She Went and I kept on crying. I was like “Oh my god. Why is the story like this? It’s too much!” But right then and there, I knew that I became a fan of the author, Ms. Gayle Forman.

After reading the books on my android phone, I bought the physical copies of the books. Well, aside from the fact that I really loooove the books, Gayle Forman had a scheduled book signing event in the Philippines early 2014. So even if I’m really broke at that time, I made ways just to have copies of all her books. Eventually, I succeeded! My number was 226 so my books got signed by 7 or 8 pm. I lined up at around 10 am so yeah. It was really difficult but super worth it.

So what’s the point in posting all of these? Well, it’s just that I can’t move on from the movie adaptation of If I Stay! I watched it yesterday with a friend and oh my gosh. I didn’t know I would be crying that much inside the cinema! I know I cried while reading the book but hey, I read that inside my own room! I’m really not fond of crying in public places but If I Stay broke that stupid rule! The movie was just too much and words wouldn’t be enough to describe how I felt while watching the film. Yes, there’s this something in me that’s thinking on what really happened in the book but watching the characters and hearing them say the lines that really touched my heart was too much. It’s as if my heart was breaking into little pieces and I’m a part of Mia’s life as well.

Just so you know, majority of the people inside the cinema were crying throughout the film. When we went out of the cinema, the people outside were looking at us and I felt like they were judging us already because our eyes were puffy from crying! Huhuhu. But the crying was definitely worth it! I want to watch it again! #AllTheFeels


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