[The Month of Love] I Love…Books!


4. Books

So yes. I love books! It may not be that obvious yet since I only have 70-80 books or so in my bookshelf but hey, I still love them! I don’t know why buying and reading books give me this certain feeling of fulfillment and happiness. I’m really not a collector of books before since I’m really not into reading but I guess things really do change.

I started collecting the books of Mina V. Esguerra. After that, I got interested in collecting the books that are published by Summit Media. Then you get the point. I keep on buying books and now, my shelf is full. I haven’t got the chance to read all of them yet but I’m on my way! I have read some of the books electronically before but I’m trying my best to buy paperback copies of those that I really love. Examples of which are The Fault in Our Stars by John Green, If I Stay, Where She Went, Just One Day and Just One Year of Gayle Forman which were signed by her last January. Yay! She’s so cool and freakin adorable!

So the point is, books are looooove. They make me happy and I get to feel things that I haven’t felt before. I also get to travel to places that are deemed to be unreachable. It makes me imagine things that I haven’t thought of before and it also inspires me to write better stories in the future. You see, I’m also dreaming to get published someday and be successful like my favorite authors. I know that it would come true in the future. I may not be a New York Time Bestseller or even a bestseller of National Book Store but seeing a story that I wrote get published and placed in bookstores would really mean a lot.

Books rock and I really hope that I could buy more in the future! I really want to have a room full of books (whether academic or fiction) and make it my personal library. It would really be awesome to have that kind of room. Someday, I would make these things come true. I promise!


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