[The Month of Love] I Love…Song Joong Ki

Autumn (1)

WARNING: Fan girl post. Don’t read if you’re interested. Lol.

3. Song Joong Ki

Song Joong Ki is a South Korean actor. He was seen in the TV shows Running Man and Music Bank, dramas Sungkyunkwan Scandal, Deep Rooted Tree and The Innocent Man and the film A Werewolf Boy. Well, that’s to name a few of some of his projects. I first saw him in the show Running Man (refer to previous post) and he was really cute and adorable there! He was one of the reasons why I downloaded the first 41 episodes of Running Man! I wanted to see him and get to know him with those episodes.Song Joong Ki

Unfortunately though, Joong Ki oppa left Running Man to focus onhis acting. I really got teary eyed on his last episode (episode 41) since he cried there as well. The episode was too much to handle and the show seemed to be incomplete because he wasn’t there anymore. The Flower Boy or Brainy Joong Ki wasn’t there. The Song-Song Siblings became incomplete. Gwang Soo lost his same-aged friend and became the youngest member of the show. I got used to seeing him, his smile and his funny thoughts and actions on the first episodes of Running Man and him leaving the show was really saddening. Yes, there were episodes wherein he appeared as a guest or had a cameo role but RM’s still not the same without him.

Later on, I looked for some information about Joong Ki oppa. I found out that he recorded a song for The Innocent Man so yes. I downloaded the song and listened to it every night. His song became my lullaby. I downloaded A Werewolf Boy and Sungkyunkwan Scandal as well. Right now, I’m looking for a DVD copy of The Innocent Man. So yes, I want to watch him every single day!

This may seem to be stupid but I actually wrote a fan fiction because of him! He’s the lead guy and well, I’m the lead girl. This is the first time that I did this thing but what could I do? He’s really something! Too bad he’s still in the army and he won’t be released until 2015. But I do hope that by the time that he would be released from the army, I could go to Korea and meet him there. Hey, a girl (fan girl to be exact) could dream right? Joong Ki oppa, saranghaeyo!


I’m currently using his picture as my laptop’s wallpaper. Teehee. (Picture placed in this post is my wallpaper!)


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