[The Month of Love] I Love…Running Man


2. Running Man

Running Man is a variety show in Korea which started way back in 2010. I got the chance to watch one episode last October because my orgmates were watching it in our tambayan. I really didn’t understand how the show works but one thing’s for sure though. The show’s really funny! We were trying our best not to laugh that hard since we’re still inside the school premises. But whatever. Whoever watches the show would really laugh out loud. Like literally.Running Man

Like what I’ve mentioned in the previous post, I’m a Boice now and I tried reading some posts regarding CNBLUE. I noticed that they appeared on Running Man for a couple of times already (Yong Hwa and Jong Hyun in particular) so I downloaded the episodes where they could be found. I really had fun watching them soI tried downloading other episodes as well. And so the list continues. I downloaded the episodes of 2NE1, Big Bang and other episodes that I think are entertaining enough. Up to this day, I have downloaded 116 out of 182 episodes of Running Man. I haven’t watched everything yet since I keep on watching my favorite episodes but I will watch all of them in no time!

Sometimes, I really want to be a part of Running Man. It seems like they’re really having fun while filming all of their episodes and the bond that they have is really admirable. They’re like a big happy family plus they get to visit different places across Korea and other countries as well. They also get to meet famous people that I could only see through the TV and laptop screens. Which is really frustrating since I can’t afford to go to Korea at this point in time. Huhuhu.

Anyhow, I really wish that Running Man would have more episodes in the future! I also wish that they could have an episode wherein all of the members of CNBLUE would participate in. I’m really looking forward to watching Kang Min Hyuk in there. Hahaha. To Running Man, fighting!


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