Percy Jackson and the Olympians


I got to watch the film first (The Lightning Thief and The Sea of Monsters) first before I got the chance to read the books. At first, I really got frustrated since the book is really different from the film. It’s as if all of the things that I have watched were lies. I mean come on! Only the “important” things on the book were retained. It’s as if the true story was hidden from me. I actually believed that the movie was really really good then I when I read the book I was like “WHAT ON EARTH HAPPENED?!” Like seriously.

No offense to the makers of those films but I just wished that followed the book more. They already got the idea from the book. Why don’t they follow it so that it could really make sense then? The books are really good and it’s such a waste that a lot of things from the books weren’t seen by the viewers of the film. Yes, the movies got me but after reading the whole series, I just want to flip my laptop and forget that I even watched the films.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians have six books – The Lightning Thief (1), The Sea of Monsters (2), The Titan’s Curse (3), The Battle of the Labyrinth (4), The Demigod Files (4.5) and The Last Olympian (5). I read the books in six days which means that I read one book per day. That’s how good the series is! It really got me hooked and I really wanted to know what happened next. I even slept past midnight during those days just to finish the book.

So yeah. I won’t make this long. I just want to say what I think of the film and the books. I’ll be reading Kane Chronicles next! Rick Riordan rocks and I’m a demigod! Or so I thought.


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