[The Month of Love] I Love…K-Pop


So it’s February already and it’s the month of love. For some reasons, I haven’t got the chance to post anything last month. Boohoo. Blame it on the laziness. Hahaha. Anyhow, I’m here to give a list of the things that I’m in love with right now. I’ll be posting one item per day though. Yey!

1. K-Pop

Yes. I know I’m like a late bloomer and all but don’t hate me! I’ve been listening to a few K-Pop songs before but you really can’t consider me a fan at that time. However, things change and people change. I’m not an exception. Initially, I’ve turned myself into a Boice (a fan of CNBLUE) and I practically listened to their album for a couple of weeks or even for more than a month. I didn’t listen to anything. CNBLUE albums were being played every single day on my laptop and on my phone. Well you can’t blame me, really. Their songs are good and they’re good looking. Hahaha.

After some time, I tried listening to a few songs of 2NE1. This then forced me to download their albums and I became a fan. It’s not just because of Dara. Their songs are good at catchy! I really like Lonely, I Love You, Can’t Nobody, Do You Love Me and Falling In Love. There are times wherein I watch their videos on youtube as well. They’re really good and they’re so cute. Hahaha. So yes. I’m a sort of Blackjack now.

Last but not the least, I’ve been transformed into a sort of VIP (a fan of Big Bang). I think I’m getting there. Well, slowly. I have known Big Bang when they have released Lollipop with 2NE1 before but I wasn’t interested at that time. Fast forward to 2014, I saw Taeyang’s video of I Need a Girl due to Dara. I really liked the videos and the song. After that, I watched some of the videos of Big Bang on youtube. I really liked Fantastic Baby and Bad Boy so I tried downloading their albums as well. Unfortunately though, I haven’t got the chance to listen to all of their songs. I’m only listening to Blue, Bad Boy and Fantastic Baby from their album Alive. Give me a couple of days or weeks to listen to all of them okay?

So yes, all in all I’m starting to fall in love with K-Pop. I really can’t understand most of the lyrics of the songs but whatever. I like listening to those. Who knows? Maybe after transforming into a VIP, I might look for other K-Pop groups to listen to. Saranghaeyo!


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