You lose some. You win some.


The saying goes “You win some. You lose some.” But this blog post shows that it could happen the other way around. You lose some. You win some.

There are some thing that you lose along the way at the most unexpected time and place. When this happen, you just can’t explain how you feel. It’s as if words wouldn’t be enough to explain the pain that this loss has inflicted in your life. People cope up with losses differently. Most of the time, I do three things to help me get by. First, I talk to my friends. They allow me to talk and talk until I feel better. After that, they give me their thoughts about what happened and we’ll continue talking until we changed the topics over and over again. Second, I tend to do stress eating. I eat and eat and eat as long as I could find something to eat. Most of the time, I eat sweets like chocolates or ice cream. They help me get by and I don’t get fat that easily so I guess it’s a win-win situation. Lastly, I listen to songs. Unfortunately though, I tend to find lines in most of the songs that make me more depressed. It’s what Filipinos tend to call as #hugot. But hey, I can’t help it! The songs are nice but I just find something that makes me sad as I listen to those lines over and over again. Torture much? Nah. Maybe this is just my way of accepting things slowly.

Yes, it hurts when you lose something that’s very important to you but life doesn’t end there. Better things could happen (or maybe worse) but whatever it is, there might actually be a lesson that you could learn at the end of it. There’s a rainbow always after the rain. That’s what I keep on telling myself for the past few days and during those days, I have gained more friends that I could ever imagine. I got to know more people and slowly, I’m reaching the sort of impossible dream. There’s nothing wrong in trying. What’s wrong is giving up the fight that you have battled for a very long time. Giving up is not an option. There are plenty of fish in the sea. It’s really a matter of knowing where to look at and eventually, at the end of the day, you could get the big catch you have been dreaming of.


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