[Blog Tour] Book Review: Don’t Forget the Soap



Don't Forget the Soap Book CoverDon’t Forget the Soap by Marie Claire Lim Moore

Genre: Non-Fiction

Published: September 8, 2013

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At the center of many good stories – inspiring, entertaining, admittedly corny – is Marie Claire Lim Moore. Ask her about the time she and her family sat down with former Philippine President Corazon Aquino. Or the time she built houses in Mexico alongside former American President Jimmy Carter. Equally engaging are her every day experiences and perspective on life. You will be interested to hear what she thinks is a relationship “deal breaker” or why Christmas should be regulated or why kids shouldn’t say, “I’m bored.”

Don’t Forget the Soap is a collection of anecdotes from different points in Claire’s life: stories from the tight-knit Filipino community in Vancouver mix with memories of her move to New York, experiences at Yale and travels as a young executive. Underlying this narrative is the story of a global citizen who does not want to forget the fundamental values that come along with the “immigrant experience” as she and her husband raise their children in the increasingly glitzy expat bubble of Singapore. Her parents continue to remain a big influence in her life and her mother’s reminders a grounding force. These stories will warm the heart and resonate with people of any culture.

First things first. I just want to thank Ms. Claire for the ARC paperback of this book. The book’s just so lovely! The book cover is simple but catchy and the glossy pages are so awesome. I was afraid that I couldn’t read the book on time since I didn’t know when will the copy arrive but hey, it arrived on time!

Second, I was really afraid that the book could be a little boring. I’m really not used to reading non-fiction since I really tend to read YA and contemporary romance stories. So what made me sign up for this blog tour? Well I guess it’s the fact that I wanted to read something different. Aside from that, I really do think that I could learn something from this book and it did not disappoint. I have learned a lot of things while reading Don’t Forget the Soap.

The stories in this book are written in such a way that would keep you wanting more. Boring? Forget the word. Don’t Forget the Soap is beyond far from boring. Readers could somehow relate to the stories of Ms. Claire and unlike fiction, you would know that whatever’s written in the book is really true. Yes, there might be parts that I really can’t understand since I was born on the 90s and I’m not yet a mother but hey, there would always be something that I could learn from this book.

One thing that I have to point out here is the fact that no matter where Ms. Claire goes and whoever she meets, she remains to be a Filipina and she remains to be grounded. She stays humble no matter what happens in her life. It’s really something that every person should remember. Success doesn’t define who we are. It still lies on the the attitude of a person and I have to say that Ms. Claire is someone that people should look up to.

Oh, one more thing. I love how Ms. Claire categorized each part of the book. Somehow, it gives me an idea of what to expect on that particular chapter. The pictures also gave me more idea on what Ms. Claire has written in the stories that were included in the book.

All in all, this is an awesome read! The book cover and the pages were plus points but the content was superb. It’s just a light read that makes readers realize a lot of things.

About the Author:

Marie Claire Lim Moore is a Filipina-Canadian-American working mother and author of Don’t Forget the Soap. After spending the early part of her childhood in Vancouver, Claire moved to New York City and attended the United Nations International School. She went on to study at Yale, climb the corporate ladder at Citi and travel around the world. She met her husband, Alex, while working in Sao Paulo, Brazil and they married in Manila, Philippines shortly before moving to Singapore. Now Mom to Carlos and Isabel, Claire also manages the Global Client business for Citi in Asia. She enjoys juggling career and family and likes to throw in community and politics for fun by campaigning for US political candidates, fundraising for organizations that advance the role of women in business and promoting foreign direct investment in the Philippines. She is also a guest contributor at Sassy Mama Singapore.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/MarieClaireLM


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