The Cat is Out of the Bag


So yeah. After keeping our mouths shut for a couple of months already, the cat has been out of the bag. We didn’t intend it to be revealed that way but what can we do? It’s their decision to post those. I just couldn’t understand why they told us to keep everything a secret then they posted those. I’m really not mad or what. I’m just… disappointed I guess? I have been waiting for that moment when I could finally announce that thing but now, it’s there. It’s finally out in the open. Yes, there were no specific details yet but I guess it’s practically the same.

But don’t get me wrong here. I’m still very happy by the fact that I belong to that family. It has always been my dream to work with them and now that I’m just a few months away from making my dream a reality, I’m just so glad that they gave me the chance to do so. They have been very generous from our very first meeting up to now. Words couldn’t express how thankful I am to them. Because of them, my dream would finally come true and I found friends that I could really treasure. I could even consider these friends as my sisters. We’re really like a family and I’m loving every little thing about it. I just wish that we could bond again soon.


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