Beautiful Disaster


For some reasons, I’ve been editing the stories that I have written in the past few years or so. I hate to admit it but super patapon nila! I’m not exaggerating but it makes me want to throw away my laptop. The editing process takes a lot of time since I need to think of ways on how to make the chapters better and longer. I wanted to add more sense into it. It’s as if walang build up yung stories and I hated every little thing about it. It really makes me wonder how on earth did people read and actually liked those stories. I mean seriously? For me, those unedited stories are crappy.

During the editing process of these stories, I have learned a lot of things though. It made me write more details in every chapter that would have been necessary to the story. These details could let readers imagine the scenes more and feel the emotions more. Yes, it’s stressful and frustrating but at the end of the day, I could say that it’s actually fulfilling. I just wish that I could edit and write more stories.


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