Book Review: Fourteen Sundays


Fourteenfs Sundays by Bianca Salindong

Genre: Inspirational

Published: May 1, 2013 by PSICOM Publishing Inc.

Goodreads: Goodreads

When memories are lost and hopes and dreams are shattered, what is left for one to hold on?

Ann is gone. And no amount of wishes will ever bring her back. Just when they thought she left too soon without saying goodbye, James found out in her diary that she has been preparing for her death all along.

This is a story about moving on, living through, and letting go. For in a world of broken promises and unanswered prayers, there will always be that tinge of hope that will make them believe in life again.

Fourteen Sundays is the sequel of Bianca Salindong’s A Hundred and One Reasons. So basically, this book tells about what happened to the loved ones of Ann after she died. It shows how they cope with Ann’s absence and how they move on.

Honestly speaking, this book is way better than the first one since it really captures the emotion of the reader. It really tugs your heartstrings and make you cry with every single line. I have read the story twice (or maybe thrice) already but it still has that effect. It still makes me cry every time that I read it. Also, the typographical and grammatical are almost gone so this story is really better than the first book.

Even if I haven’t been in the place of James or Stan or any character in the story, Bianca manages to make the readers see how it feels to lose someone important in your life. That it’s nearly impossible to forget everything that had happened in the past just to move on and continue living your life. But little by little, we need to move on. We may never forget what happened in the past but we should continue living since it’s what our departed love ones would want us to do.

I guess if you’re really into reading stories that could make you cry, this story is a must read.


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