Today I Found Out How: To Regain The Life of Your Nail Polish


Nowadays, many women are fond of using different sorts of nail polish. While this may be a fun way of making your nails look clean, some people consider buying bottles of nail polish as a hobby or passion already. Truth be told, I was never into using nail polish before. It was just in my senior year in college that I decided to buy and use one.

Usually, people buy not just one bottle of nail polish. People tend to buy different bottles with different colors even if they wouldn’t be using the others yet. Nail polish tends to be sticky over a period of time and it would not look nice if you would try to use it. Some people might think that those sticky nail polish bottles are useless already, but in fact, they are not.

You could actually regain the life of your nail polish! You just need to soak the bottles of your nail polish in a basin or container filled with cold water. Wait for a couple of minutes then viola! Your nail polish is as good as new. Nail polish really tends to get sticky due to the heat so they need to be placed in cool areas, thus making use of cold water effective.


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