My Experience


Last February, I really don’t know what has gotten into me but I applied in to become one of their writers. The moment they have confirmed my application, I immediately made an account in their forums but I didn’t know what to do next. They said I had to make a sample essay for my final application but due to the piling up of my school and organization requirements, I never got the chance to do it as soon as possible.

I scanned through the list of topics that I could work with. I told myself that this might be very difficult for me since I’m really not interested with those topics. But then, I realized that if I really want to take this job, I should try writing whatever topic it may have. It’s really just like a required paper in school – your professor gives you the topic and you really can’t do anything to change that.

I repeatedly checked the site to know if there are any changes in the list of topics but luck was never on my side. The topics remained the same and my school requirements just kept on piling up. There was even a time wherein sent me an email asking me where I have been. Trust me, I wanted to finish my application badly but I just have to choose my studies first.

So during the Holy Week, wherein my school requirements are almost done, I decided to finally choose a topic that I could work with. I chose “Pregnancy over 40” even if I really don’t have any idea on what I would write about. The first sentences took me forever then I realized I really have to research about it so that I could get going. That decision really saved my life. After researching, I just kept on typing until I reached the requirements for that essay. I passed my essay feeling giddy and nervous for the results but since it was Holy Week, I waited for a couple of days before I knew that I got accepted.

After a few days, I got my very first assignment. I really wanted to work and get my salary by doing something that I love – writing. I worked the whole night just to finish my assignment. My aunt was even asking me if this job is legit. She thinks that this might be a scam since it’s purely online but I told her, I knew some friends who are working with as well so this is really legal. So after that discussion, I continued working on my assignment, after submitting it, I felt nervous again. I don’t have an idea on how long it would take for the editors to review my work and I’m just really scared to fail my first assignment.

As of the moment, I finished two assignments already. When I saw that one of my assignments have been reviewed and I got my points for that, I felt really happy and was even screaming for joy. I didn’t know that it would feel this good to be paid for something while you are enjoying.

I’m really looking forward for more assignments in the future. By working at, I have to say that I’m really proud that I get to work as a writer – that writing isn’t just my hobby anymore and that it could even be a profession.


9 thoughts on “My Experience

  1. hi. I’d just like to ask something. I recently signed up for this site and I’m just wondering on how I could start, like are they gonna notify me to submit a sample essay for the final application or I have to submit it on my own even without them telling me to do so? thank you.:)

  2. Hello there thegirlbehindthestories, I’m really hesitant to register on I don’t know but I really did. I also have almost the same experience as yours for now and I’m really hoping that I’ll earn money with Thanks, your courage to take the risk inspired me a lot. God bless 😉

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