Book Review: A Hundred and One Reasons


A Hundred and Oneahaor Reasons by Bianca Salindong

Genre: Inspirational

Published: 2012 by PSICOM Publishing Inc.

Goodreads: Goodreads

There are still many things Ann needed to know, to explore and live the life she’d always imagined. But everything turned upside down when she learned that she is sick. Not cough and colds sick. No, something much complicated than that.

Ann decides that she’d rather fight when she knows she had no chances of winning. And then came a promise of a hundred and one reasons, from someone she never thought cared for her, and gave her the strength she needed to live. This is a story that goes beyond the boundaries of faith, family, hope and love… it may bring you to tears or give you the reasons to live than just to exist.

A Hundred and One Reasons is a book written by Bianca Salindong. Basically, it talks not just about love but life as a whole. This story portrays so much emotions and it takes the readers to the exact scenario. Readers, while reading the book, could really feel what it feels like to be in the position of Ann, the main protagonist, and all of the characters that revolves around her.

There are a couple of times wherein I cried while reading the book and rereading it doesn’t make a difference at all. It still tugs my heartstrings and tears just keep on flowing. This book is not about the drama that happens in Ann’s life. Rather, the story shows the readers the reality that in life, we all have battles that we need to face may it be about love or some sickness that could affect your whole life.

Questions could be formulated while reading the story but more questions could be made towards the end. What happens next? Would they make it through? What does the characters feel? The story ended at a point wherein readers would want to crave for more information about Ann and about the people around her, especially Stan and James.

I guess if there is a negative comment that I could point out in this book is that there are little typographical errors especially in terms of spacing and such. But setting aside those little glitches, the story is a must read.


2 thoughts on “Book Review: A Hundred and One Reasons

    • im not really sure what exactly the word is but i think that was when cassidy enter ann’s room with a box of cake in her hand and stan got pissed bcoz his surprise for her didnt came out well like what they planned only aya and lee
      (the banner thing) u can check it again 😛

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